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To help solve chronic stress that busy women face, I just launched a YouTube Channel Each video is a “How To” in less than 3 minutes – “How to stop late night snacking without will power” – “H...
Paging through a book of nursery rhymes, a legacy from a grandmother, was like traveling in a time machine to a distant past. This passage caught my attention: “What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice and everything nice!”  O...
Are you tired of losing and regaining the same weight … over and over again? If you have lost and regained weight for years, you know that achieving and maintaining optimal weight at the age of 40 and beyond is not easy. You know that ef...

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Success Stories

  • "I was on an endless treadmill of doing... Her insight-based learning was extremely effective in helping me understand my thoughts and actions ... She helped me make profound changes in my life... and I quit smoking!”  
    —A.F., Dental Practice Owner, Houston, TX [Read more]

  • "This is the first time I ever felt so great ... I knew all this stuff about eating and exercising but couldn't get it to all come together. Now I feel I have mastered it all at one time!”  
    —M.R. Washington State [Read more]

  • "I appreciate your ability to listen and guide me to find the answers that are right for me. You have helped me learn ways to address areas of stress and energy drains... I appreciate how well we work together. Your talents are a great benefit to me.”  
    —J.S., DDS, Minnesota [Read more]

  • "Before working with you I was frustrated that I had life journey goals and just not making any headway... Life coaching with you has been an eye opening, awesome adventure of exploration of myself!" 
    —Tina J, Austin, TX  [Read more]

  • “If you want to make lasting changes to improve the quality of your life, please work with Patricia. I have made so many shifts and grown in so many ways, I am amazed. It worked!" 
    —Whitney, B. Austin, TX [Read more]

  • "Weight issues, low self-confidence - all kept me feeling stuck. Patricia has been an incredible inspiration for movement in my life...." 
    –F.L. Marketing Consultant, Berkshire, England. [Read more]

  • "Patricia helped me to stop looking inside of the refrigerator for satisfaction, but to look inside myself instead."
    —J.H., Human Resource Manager, Austin, TX [Read more]

  • "I left each session feeling motivated and empowered. I went from being stuck in a rut to being actively in control of my future. I recommend her very, very highly.”  
    —J.B., Database Manager, Houston, TX [Read more]

  • "My life has transformed by leaps and bounds. I have shed a part of myself that was no longer working for me... be ready to experience a transformation of a lifetime!"
    M.H., Health Educator, Houston, Texas [Read more]

  • "I would recommend her to anybody and I mean, anybody... when they are ready to reach for the stars and need that extra push."
    —J.C., Marketing Manager, Edinburgh, Scotland  [Read more]

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