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Patricia Ronzio

3 minutes reading time (611 words)

NEW! Insight-empowered Weight Management ... for a Healthy Body in 2016


Are you tired of losing and regaining the same weight … over and over again?

If you have lost and regained weight for years, you know that achieving and maintaining optimal weight at the age of 40 and beyond is not easy. You know that effective weight management needs to be a holistic process, (diet, stress, sleep and exercise all come into play), which includes building a healthy relationship with food.

A decades-long weight problem

I began dieting when I was 11 years old. At one point my weight crept up to 230 pounds. The yo-yoing up and down, the on again/off again diets seemed to indicate I was weak-willed.

I thought I was to blame for repeated weight cycling and that I didn’t have any willpower. The pivotal moment came when I realized I didn’t fail diets – diets failed me!

If weight loss and long-term weight management is your goal, my wellness coaching service, New Paradigm Coaching, can help you with two steps:

Step 1: Insight-Empowered Stress Management [IESM]

If you are living with high levels of stress, IESM helps you create unique insights and take new action – confidently – for lasting stress relief.

Unhealthy habits are simply ways to comfort yourself when stress builds up and these can be changed:

The dynamic Wellness Blossom helps you counter the impact of recurring stress in four key areas of well-being:

  • Healthy Body:  Enjoy healthy eating, joyful physical activity and restorative sleep
  • Peaceful Mind: Change negative thinking and self-limiting beliefs and attitudes
  • Vibrant Spirit:  Reignite your ‘pilot light’ with self-acceptance and gratitude
  • Balanced Emotions: Identify and express your feelings in healthy, empowering ways


Step 2: Insight-Empowered Weight Management [IEWM]

blossom healthy

IEWM is a versatile, customized and holistic plan specifically designed to help you:

•    Achieve long-term effective weight management
•    Reduce chronic inflammation and chronic pain
•    Reduce your risk of age-related diseases and premature aging
•    Optimize nutrition to boost energy levels and improve mood
•    Promote optimal health at any age

The IEWM plan goes way beyond counting calories or measuring every portion of food you eat.

Most calorie-restricted diet plans aim for weight loss (even though muscle is often lost along with fat.)  Yet the success rate for keeping lost fat pounds off is dismal.

The IEWM plan is customized with you and emphasizes:

  • Limiting or eliminating “Health Stealers” in meal planning
  • Rebalancing and restoring sound nutrition for meal choices using a tailored-to-you food plan to meet your needs and preferences.
  • Incorporating Five Action Pillars to bring together a Healthy Body, a Peaceful Mind, a Vibrant Spirit and Balanced Emotions.
  • Choosing to eat consciously and listening to your body wisdom.

2016 can be your year for optimal health, optimal weight and long-term weight management

I want this to be a different experience for you, with positive and empowering outcomes so you can focus on living your life and not worrying about your weight.

Achieving this goal requires your time, energy and commitment. Are you in?

Give me a call at 512-244-6292 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about the Insight-empowered Weight Management plan.

Insight Builder

•    What specific steps can you take beginning today to enhance your weight management efforts to assure a Healthy Body in 2016 and leave the diet/stress roller coaster behind you for good?

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