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“Honestly, all I want to do is eat, curl up by the fire and sleep 10 hours”

My companion, Sherry, expressed this sentiment as we surveyed a small miracle: It was one of those rare (for me) occasions when everything needed for a festive meal were ready at the same time. The main course, vegetable dishes, pies - everything had come together.  Mouthwatering aromas filled the kitchen, defying the chilly outdoors. Yet she was moved by something deeper.

Winter blahs crept in anyway

Soon it became apparent that Sherry was experiencing a winter down-time with reduced mental and physical energy, feeling a little blue, along with a longing for soothing foods. (She was not referring to seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a full-blown winter depression).

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What is the Best Way to Share Feelings with a Friend?

Have you thought about having a goal when you share an emotion? How you feel afterward may be related to your answer or (unconscious) intent.

What sort of listener response are you looking for when you share a feeling?

Do you seek:

1. Validation? Are you looking for confirmation of your viewpoint?

2. Advice? Do you want somebody to solve a problem?

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