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Patricia Ronzio

3 minutes reading time (671 words)

Aging Well: Do You Have a Road Map that Works?

My husband Bob has an extensive career as a PhD biomedical researcher, educator and board certified nutritionist. Intrigued by his new project linking nutrition, stress and lifestyle change to healthy aging, I suggested he contribute to this blog.

 AllCameraPicturesFeb2011 256Bob

It’s easy to find men and women in their 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and older, whose lives serve as role models.

The Canadian athlete, Olga Kotelko, passed away last year at the age of 95. An elite track and field star, she earned a huge collection of gold medals…after the age of 77. The dancer Carmen De Lavallade, who is almost 84, is currently performing solo. Her performance, “As I Remember It”, features excerpts from her decades-long career.

Invariably each has evolved an individual lifestyle that reflects personal choices. As an example, a colleague mentioned that he had just ordered a radar detector as a birthday gift for his 81 year old mother. I learned that she regularly drives to a gym and rehearsals for a musical, as well as helping elderly neighbors with their shopping. Impressive!

“What is the secret to her success over aging?” I asked. “That’s easy: Mother says that when she looks in the mirror first thing in the morning, she always greets a 35 year old woman.”

What will be your “secret” to staying mentally sharp, active and healthy?

The Keys to Abundant Good Health and Longevity Await You

We need to combine two different approaches: the selective use of the healthy aging data base, together with insights and creative problem solving, i.e. the F.I.C.A Formula: Facts + Insights = Choices + Actions.

As valued clients, friends and colleagues who have supported our work, I want to provide you with a ‘sneak peek’ of a new project which combines the F.I.C.A Formula and flows naturally from the 3rd edition of my Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Good Health [Facts on File, NY, Spring 2015].

It is also a natural fit with Patricia’s work. Many of her clients have requested guidance in achieving personalized nutrition and lifestyle ideas to maximize their full health potential and manage aging successfully.

The Road Ahead

To support you on the path to abundant good health and longevity, I plan to highlight key facts from the tsunami of information we face, offer cutting edge research, and convey updates from colleagues in the areas of Complementary and Integrative Medicine. Specifically, this new project can:

•    Answer your questions about how to stay mentally sharp.
•    Help you manage stress and pesky energy drains that slow you down.
•    Alert you to the potential benefits of breakthroughs in neuroscience.
•    Provide you with easy-to-understand explanations of current concepts and controversies.
•    Layout the pros and cons of “anti-aging” advice and popular “brain health” strategies.

Plus a featured highlight:  I will share Insights on “What Works for Me.” These are steps I take, along with recommendations that I would suggest to my family.

I believe that you can find holistic answers for a healthy lifestyle that works for you. I am convinced that insight-based stress management solutions can empower you to prevent premature aging. And I know that your insightful choices for a healthy lifestyle will help you for decades.

Your Input is Important

I will elaborate on the above ideas via this blog and other highly useful formats. Patricia and I will keep you posted on new developments!

I welcome your comments on these blog posts.

Do you have specific questions related to healthy aging? Please send them to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I’ll do my best to reply in future communications.

Thanks for reading, and take care of yourself,


P.S. Coming next: Stress and the Aging Brain!

What is the impact of stress on the brain?
Announcing ...The Busy Women Stress Less Series .....


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