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I'm armed with the ability to find for myself the right approach to rebalance, adjust and flourish

“I started working with Patricia after I had just received a significant promotion and was struggling to create a home/work life balance to enhance self-belief in my ability to succeed in my job. 

Patricia worked with me to find my own unique ways of working towards a sustainable structure of activities that strengthened my core being. Through discussions I was able to identify how a combination of exercise, meditation, healthy eating and an appropriate sleep routine were critical to support a grounding balance of emotions and physical strength to approach my work. I was emotionally and physically stronger and stress reduced dramatically. This gave me the time and confidence to discuss, reflect and put in action techniques to enhance my self-belief.

Patricia would often send me articles in between our discussions which were relevant with regards to a particular issue that was raised and always at the end of our conversation I felt more positive, enabled and enthused.

Patricia is kind and empathetic, and focused on helping me to find the right approach for me, rather than sticking to a dogmatic one size solution fits all. This ensures that as I continue to face new challenges I'm armed with the ability to find for myself the right approach to rebalance, adjust and flourish."

—B.N, Global Head Telecommunications, Singapore


I felt like myself again with a renewed strength and hope for the future!

“I am so grateful for Patricia's life coaching. When I started, I was at an extremely low point in my marriage and was completely frustrated with life overall. I had recently given birth to my second child and was struggling with my desire to spend more time with my two young kids and also maintain my career as a dentist. Patricia's coaching entered my life at the right time. My husband and I had tried counseling from a local marriage and family pastor and it was a disaster. I felt like all my efforts to regain myself were backfiring and making things worse. After working with Patricia, I felt like myself again with a renewed strength and hope for the future. In addition, my marriage was back on track and I once again enjoyed spending time with my husband! Thanks Patricia!"

—J.S., Dentist, Anchorage, Alaska


Patricia has been an amazing instrument for change in my life!

“She has listened to me, never judged my deep honest thoughts or actions, and has coached me through to a place where I make my own decisions, come to my own conclusions and feel empowered. Instead of calling friends for input and advice, I have learned through Patricia that really the answers are within me and going outside myself to so many sources is just overwhelming. She is never critical, always patient and an amazing listener. When I am done rambling she has picked up on key points that we can work from and move forward. Looking back I can't believe "where I was" because I have come so far. It just feels surreal to think back...” 

—K.C., Dallas, Texas


The force behind a positive shift in my life!

“I started working with Patricia at a very chaotic time in my life. It was so refreshing to have such a rational, insightful, non-judgmental person to work with. Even when sudden changes occurred in my life she always kept me steady. We worked on time management, weight loss, sleep patterns, health issues, interpersonal relationships, and any issue which surfaced. I learned so much from her, and now hear her voice in my head. I no longer panic in situations, and have learned to care for myself in healthy ways. I look back on my time with Patricia as the force behind a positive shift in my life. I would recommend her to anyone!"

—N.C., Houston, Texas


This is the first time I ever felt so great ... Now I have mastered it all at one time!

 “What I really like is that you are gentle. I'm tired of the "stick" approach with other dieting programs. I am used to making myself feel bad about my weight. It is different to work a program that doesn't make me feel bad about myself. No harshness, no tough rules. I don't feel like I'm going to get 'fired' or yelled at. This is the first time I ever felt so great... I knew all this stuff about eating and exercising but couldn't get it all to come together. Now I feel I have mastered it all at one time!" 

—M.R., Washington State.


Objective, yet empathic ... I have always felt very supported through her coaching!

 “Patricia has a remarkable ability to help you see through the barrage of details that detract you from focusing on the actual issue at hand. She enables you to process through complex situations and what the relevant considerations are. This has been very useful for me to ensure that I make well thought through and considered decisions. She is objective, yet empathic to your concerns and so I have always felt very supported through her coaching. Thank you!" 

—A.D., Attorney, New York.


You have helped me address stress and energy drains!

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for working with me as a coach. I appreciate your ability to listen and then guide me to finding the answers that are right for me. In the four months we have been working together, we have addressed many different areas I wanted to work on. You have helped me learn ways to address areas of stress and energy drains. When we had our first conversation, you told me that your focus is to help me look forward and move toward my goals. I appreciate how well we work together. Your talents are a great benefit to me. Many thanks!” 

—J.S., Dentist, Minnesota


Thank you so much for being my coach... and being so great at it!

"I feel like we had another giant breakthrough and shift last night due to your wisdom! The greatest insights for me were: the "right or happy" choice; letting go of expectations about how people should act; and it is ALWAYS appropriate to take care of ourselves - instead of blaming "them". Thank you so much for being my coach.. and being so great at it!"

—L.C., Houston, Texas


I would recommend her to anybody.. when they are ready to reach for the stars!

"Working with Patricia on goal setting and objectives has meant that my dreams for what I want out of life have been refocused and I am back on track to get where I want to be, how I want to be and with a renewed way of looking at the world... I would recommend her to anybody and I mean, anybody... when they are ready to reach for the stars and need that extra push!"
—J.C., Marketing Manager, Edinburgh, Scotland


My life has transformed by leaps and bounds!

"In the nine months I have worked with Patricia, my life has transformed by leaps and bounds. I have shed a part of myself that was no longer working for me. During this time, Patricia supported and encouraged me to stay open and explore all possibilities. Her guiding beacon of light has helped me shift into a new way of being and doing. I am forever grateful to her for helping me remember who I truly am... and who I am becoming. She is an incredible gift of inspiration and love. Anyone who chooses to take a journey with Patricia... be ready to experience a transformation of a lifetime!"
—M.H., Health Educator, Houston, Texas


I went from being stuck in a rut to being actively in control of my future!

"Patricia is a wonderfully intuitive and talented coach who seems to know exactly what to say and do to keep her clients on track. She helped me clarify my goals when I was feeling scattered, and she steadfastly countered my negative moments with wise words. I left each session feeling motivated and empowered. Patricia offers not only a finely tuned sympathetic ear, but gives great feedback and pragmatic advice without ever being invasive. She was on my side all the way. In a very short period, I went from being stuck in a rut to being actively in control of my future. I recommend her very, very highly."
—J.B., Database Manager, Houston, Texas


Patricia helped me to stop looking inside the refrigerator ... but to look inside myself instead!

"After "dieting" all day, I used to come home and head straight to the refrigerator, but after participating in Freedom from Diets, I started to understand that the dash to eat was not from hunger, but just a way of nurturing myself, actually physically reaching for food to try to relieve stress. The group helped me to take care of my needs in ways other than overeating.

Patricia is a wonderful facilitator, who speaks from a place of knowing, and provides insights and a safe place to discuss things I had always wanted to discuss, but couldn't find the right time, place or people who really understood what it's like to struggle with food and other life lissues. You know that feeling you get when you open the refrigerator door, and you know that nothing inside of the refrigerator will ever taste good enough to satisfy you. Patricia helped me to stop looking inside of the refrigerator for that satisfaction, but to look inside myself instead."
—J.H., Human Resource Manager, Austin, Texas


I now know I can do anything because I am starting to believe in myself!

"My life wasn't working the way I wanted it to. Weight issues, low self-confidence, lack of self-love - all kept me feeling stuck. Patricia has been an incredible inspiration for movement in my life and an unconditionally loving and supportive coach. She, herself, has faced and conquered many of the challenges I face in my life. I now know I can do anything because I am starting to believe in myself and acknowledge my true worth. There are many coaches and mentors out there but Patricia is unique. She is a guiding light to those of us who have the privilege of working with her."
—F.L., Marketing Consultant, Berkshire, England


I have made so many shifts and grown in so many ways, I am amazed!

"If you want to make lasting changes to improve the quality of your life, especially your health, please work with Patricia. With her guidance and expertise, you will learn how to love yourself, cherish your health and relationships, and achieve your goals. Her affordable coaching changed my life - 15 years ago I could not jog one mile. I have made so many shifts and grown in so many ways, I am amazed. It worked. I really believe you helped save my life. I could never thank you, but please know every time I am myself, I honor what you have done for me."
—Whitney, B. Austin, TX.


Life coaching with you has been an eye opening, awesome adventure of exploration of myself!

“Before working with you I was frustrated that I had life journey goals and just not making any headway. I was having a tough time working on my writing and taking care of all the other duties that needed to be done each day. During the three months that I worked with you, we focused on what was keeping me from writing. We found sleep was a huge factor and another was not delegating household duties with my kids. I realized that my kids are old enough now that I need to focus on my goals and dreams which will role model another aspect of me. So I shifted my mindset to think that writing would inspire them to go for their dreams, their passions.

I then started to focus on what I would and would not tolerate. I looked at who I am as a person. How do I be true to myself? It felt like a veil had been lifted. Shifting my mindset as a mother also took so many chains off. What I found most valuable with life coaching with you is your encouragement and support. You didn't tell me your ideas but let me figure out a situation on my own or together. We analyzed not scrutinized or criticized or even made a list of things to do. Together we evaluated in depth the situation and chose possible solutions and tried them out for a week.

Life coaching with you has been an eye opening, awesome adventure of exploration of myself!"
—Tina J. Austin, Texas


Her Insight-based learning is extremely effective ... and helped me quit smoking!

“When I started working with Patricia I was on an endless treadmill of doing. I felt overwhelmed by responsibilities in both my personal and professional life. I was resentful and angry all of the time and yet when I took time for myself, I felt guilty. I was mired in judgmental thoughts, both for myself and for others.

I have accomplished so many things during my work with Patricia. I have learned to schedule downtime for myself every week so I will be clear-headed and refreshed for the week ahead and more present for other people in my life. The added benefit of this "me time" is that I have rediscovered passions that continually bring me great joy. I've learned to let go of many self-imposed expectations and instead focus on what really matters to me. My harsh self-judgments are disappearing and I am much more confident. Most of all, I've learned to be kind to myself. That alone has made a huge difference in my life.

Another benefit of her approach? I quit smoking after having been a smoker for over 25 years. I had tried a lot of things including hypnosis and nicotine patches, but none helped me quit for good. Working with Patricia it's not like we hit an easy button and I stopped. Instead of using willpower, it was a gradual process that intertwined with so many other things in my life (see above). I still have occasional cravings to smoke, but now I can observe them with curiosity rather than be compelled to give in to them. I have reached my first anniversary of being a non-smoker and know I will never go back to smoking again. I am so relieved and thankful to be free of the compulsion to smoke and Patricia helped me achieve this.

Patricia is an excellent coach. She listens intently and is extremely perceptive, and she tailors her methods to my personality and specific challenges. Her insight-based learning is extremely effective in helping me understand my thoughts and actions. Her tremendous patience and understanding aid her in knowing when to push and when to step back, allowing me to grow at a pace that is right for me. She is dedicated and persistent in keeping me on track to reaching my goals, yet she does so in a kind, caring and encouraging manner.

I highly recommend working with Patricia as a life coach. She has helped me make profound and meaningful changes in my life!"

—A.F., Dental Practice Owner, Houston, TX


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