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Break Free from Stress

Insight-empowered Stress Management [IESM]

With IESM, clients can discover the power of insight-inspired stress solutions to live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

The IESM system incorporates our published model of Insight-motivated Learning to reduce patient stress (R.A. Ronzio, PhD and P.A. Ronzio MEd, Integrative Medicine, A Clinician's Journal, Apr-May 2012).

Insight-based Problem Solving

IESM encourages your creativity and insight solutions. Do you remember when you suddenly found the answer to a perplexing problem, when a missing piece of the puzzle fell into place? Can you recall how good that felt?

You still have that ability, and with encouragement and expert guidance, your “insight muscles” can grow stronger. (For further exploration of Insight-based problem solving, please visit


Break Free from Stress

Wellness Blossom Concept Map

The IESM system also incorporates a wellness concept map, the Wellness Blossom, as your trusted guide to explore stress within the body, mind, spirit and emotional dimensions of wellness.


 Apply the Wellness Blossom to:

  • Break down difficult problems into bite-sized chunks
  • Help you crack the door open to let in more light – your creative energy
  • Encourage you to discover new viewpoints and create new ideas
  • Become more aware of what’s really going on.



The red petal represents Healthy Body.  This is the wellness domain in which you can examine physical health. Those who have issues with food, weight and body image, typically begin here. Beyond these concerns, other petals come into play.



The orange petal represents Peaceful Mind. This domain of the wellness map focuses on positive self-talk, healthy thinking, and strong, personal boundaries that lead to ultimate self-care. Exploration of mental factors can lead to improving how you communicate with others.



The blue petal represents Vibrant Spirit. This domain relates to your Spiritual Self and includes healthy relationships, uncovering what makes you feel passionate in life, and discovery of life goals for spiritual well-being.



The green petal represents Balanced Emotions. This domain of wellness encompasses the world of feelings. Discover how emotional awareness and healthy expression of emotions can help you manage emotional "hot buttons."


Coaching with the IESM System

Six Steps can help you discover answers to persistent energy drains and unresolved stress:

1. Choose an immediate, bothersome stressor (Stress Point).

2. Acknowledge your strengths and celebrate previous "wins" with similar challenges.

I provide a safe harbor for you, to share your truths about what's working in your life and what is not. This sets the stage for affirming your strengths, learning from the past, and weaving these together to move forward.

3. Examine your Stress Point within the Wellness Blossom

What is limiting your progress or highest vision? The Wellness Blossom will help you generate fresh perspectives and increased awareness about your stay-awake-at-night problems.

4. Activate your power of insight to create "once and for all" solutions.       

New perspectives and new insights to manage unresolved stress arise from your creative genius to discover new solutions. You are the "expert" in your life.

5. Create momentum with insight-generated solutions to your Stress Point

As you experience new insights and take action, you can feel stronger, more self-assured and more fulfilled.When you put your new insights into action, you power up your life. 

 6. Evaluate the results of insight-inspired actions without guilt

            There is no failure, only opportunities for new insights, new awareness and new understanding.

Summing up:

In each coaching session we’ll work together to figure out exactly the right level of challenge and the best application to move your life forward.