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About Patricia

International Life Coach, Author, Wellness Consultant and Speaker, Patricia is the founder of New Paradigm Coaching. 

Author of the Busy Women Stress Less Series, Patricia created this series of workbooks to demonstrate how creative problem-solving can resolve chronic stress many women face today. Using real-life examples of daily stressors, she describes specific, insightful questions and insight-empowered action steps.

Guest Expert for Stress Management, Patricia was interviewed on Voice America (Health and Wellness Channel) and ABC 13 Houston and blogs about stress, wellness, holistic health, creative problem solving and life perspectives. She also served on a National Panel of Advisors, Wellness Councils of America.

Corporate Wellness Director (9 1/2 years), Patricia directed, designed, implemented and evaluated innovative employee wellness programs for 260 school districts and counties across Texas and Arizona.

Motivational Speaker known for fun, informative and interactive presentations, she has also served as a successful corporate wellness consultant, bringing health and wellness to the workplace.



Training and Certifications
B.A., Antioch University, Seattle
M.Ed., Health Education, University Houston [Cum Laude]
Certified Health Education Specialist [CHES]
Certified Physical Fitness Specialist [CPT]
Holistic Stress Management Instructor [HSMI]
Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner
Member International Coach Federation
Coach University [Graduate Life Coaching]


 More about Patricia


International Life Coach for Women (16+ years) Patricia's personal journey made her passionate about helping women free themselves of stress patterns that deny them the rich, full, life they deserve.

Global Community. Patricia is sensitive to world cultures and coaches women in North America, Asia, Europe and U.K. Canadian born and English grown, and having lived in Singapore and Japan, her first career as a linguist [French, German and Italian] involved extensive travel throughout Europe and understanding different cultures.

Committed to a Heart-Centered, Whole Person Perspective that combines body, mind, spirit and emotions. A former overeater and yoyo dieter, the turning point came when Patricia saw her "weight issue" was really a "stress issue". Once she dealt with daily energy drains she eliminated food and weight as an issue for more than two decades. She combines holistic self-care practices, to nurture a healthy body, peaceful mind, vibrant spirit, and balanced emotions.

Favorite pastimes? Spending time with her husband Bob, hiking, especially up to alpine lakes, cycling, reading and planting flowers and vegetables in the back garden.

Let Patricia help you Stress Less and Live More! Schedule your 30 minute complimentary consultation and find out how Patricia can best support you going forward.

 Stress Less Live More Philosophy

  • Each of us is unique - there is not one other person exactly like us, so solutions to our problems will be unique.
  • We can trust our inner creative genius rather than external solutions.
  • Real solutions involve our whole being - Healthy Body, Peaceful Mind, Vibrant Spirit and Balanced Emotions - not one area can be left out.
  • There is no failure - only new insights! - and an opportunity to make another choice.